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Kids Sedation Dentistry

PB Braces is committed to ensuring your child’s experience in our dental office is as stress-free as possible. We understand that adult dental anxiety often has its roots in a traumatic dental encounter as a child. We work hard to provide a comfortable, welcoming environment to foster pleasant associations with dental visits. We also offer nitrous oxide sedation for our anxious patients because of its many benefits and proven safety record.

Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a commonly used sedative agent in pediatric dentistry to manage anxiety and pain during dental procedures.

Nitrous oxide is a colorless, odorless gas that is inhaled through a mask and mixed with oxygen. It acts quickly to produce a relaxed and euphoric state, making it an ideal choice for dental procedures in children. The effects of nitrous oxide are mild, reversible, and non-toxic, making it a safe option for children of all ages.

One of the primary benefits of nitrous oxide is its ability to relieve dental anxiety and fear in children. During dental procedures, children who are anxious or frightened often struggle to cooperate, making the procedure more difficult for both the child and the dentist. Nitrous oxide helps to calm these children, making it easier for the dentist to perform the procedure without causing further discomfort or pain.

Another benefit of nitrous oxide is its ability to control pain during dental procedures. Children who experience pain during dental procedures often have difficulty relaxing and cooperating, making the procedure even more challenging. Nitrous oxide can help to alleviate pain, making the procedure less stressful for the child and increasing their ability to cooperate.

In addition to its soothing and pain-relieving properties, nitrous oxide has also been found to have other benefits for children undergoing dental procedures. For example, nitrous oxide can help to decrease saliva production, making it easier for the dentist to work in the child’s mouth. Additionally, nitrous oxide can help reduce gagging, a common issue for children undergoing dental procedures.